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Cobra World Tour

For this global challenge, we needed a seasoned pilot, intrepid, ready to face any terrain, a man with a philosophy based on respect for nature and protection of the environment.

On his “COBRA” electric scooter, our pilot ABBSYSS, who has benefited from intensive physical preparation for many months, will travel around France in prime time before setting off for the round the world over a distance of almost 60,000 kms.

Much more than a simple performance, it is above all a human and responsible adventure, combining man, machine and nature: riding on all trails in the world, in complete freedom, with a means of transport. economical, non-polluting and noise-free, that is the philosophy of XTREM-ELECTRA

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The Cobra World Tour is open to sponsors. You are invited, French companies having priority to the project.

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Our Scooters

Rental and sale of high performance electric scooters. Welcome to the world of Xtrem Electra, a new French start-up.
X2 S All Road 1600W
X2 S All Road 1600W

The X2 S All Road 1600W is a light scooter (aluminum alloy frame) from our latest scalable productions in terms of performance compared to its weight and power 23 KG / 1600W.

X3 Turbo 2400W
X3 TURBO 2400W

The X3 2400W double Allroad motor presented by XTREM-ELECTRA is a latest generation exceptional scooter. Its weight / power ratio makes this scooter the most powerful on the planet on all tracks! It is also equipped with an ABS type electronic braking system.

The expert opinion

We understand your needs and provide quality products and work.
Trottinette électrique COBRA

All our 2-wheel electric vehicles are selected on the most rigorous quality, weight, power and range. This is to respond to a personal type of travel both in urban and extra urban areas.

Thus, there is no more traffic jams and the stress of polluting and expensive thermal vehicles. This is enough to make a real and significant saving. Quiet and comfortable driving pleasure.



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