Rental of electric scooters (Toulouse)


Take a 30-minute initiatory ride on an electric scooter in the natural surroundings of Toulouse (forests, lakes or even the Canal du Midi), accompanied by a trainer !

From € 20

From 30 €

Stroll on a heritage visit around a lake, in the forest, by the Canal du Midi, nothing more original! Transform a simple visit into an exceptional experience combining culture, pleasure and sensations !

Rental of an electric scooter throughout France from 2 hours to 1 month with the option of purchasing

From € 50

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The founder's words

Welcome to the world of XTREM-ELECTRA new French start-up intended for the happiness of people for all those who love our planet and who wish an original discovery ….
Our philosophy is simple: allow everyone to spend moments of freedom in communion with the elements of nature by practicing rides on high-performance electric scooters but also being able to acquire our light and electric 2-wheeled vehicles for your short trips from 10 to 70 km which will allow you to make significant savings.

Thanks to this alternative of travel which is both ecological and very inexpensive, a new way of life awaits you to allow you to spend very pleasant moments, alone or with your loved ones.

XTREM-ELECTRA is at your disposal for any profile of a daily trip and awaits you to transform the vision on your environment in organized outings with picnic and swimming according to the climate, around a Lake, along the Garonne, from the Canal du Midi or simply to discover the monuments of our Region.

Good vibes to all!



Discover the pink city and Occitania in a unique way

Mathilde Mathilde

We went on a Segway and scooter trip with their Xtrem-Electra guide around a Lake, it was an unforgettable moment and it should be done again with the family.

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Gérald Gérald

An original discovery of our region, its nature and its heritage through a fun and ecological means of transport.

Works council CE EDF

We rented these electric scooters with our works council. Crossing the banks of the Canal du Midi in these conditions is a picturesque, soothing and fun adventure. Thanks to the Xtrem-Electra team.

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    welcomes you to its Toulousaine team to give you unique moments of escape on our latest generation electric vehicles!

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      Entrez dans notre showroom 2022 avec les nouvelles trottinettes électriques adultes disponibles.


      Entrez dans notre SHOWROOM 2022 avec les nouvelles trottinettes électriques adultes disponibles.